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Published on January 19, 2021 | career counseling| Study Abroad
“7 Benefits If You Choose To Study In Germany “


When we talk about studying abroad, it isn’t necessarily a matter of pride or a flowery path. Especially for international students, studying abroad is a huge financial as well as emotional investment. Most Indians choose to go to either the USA or UK for their higher education. The current trends and the cost of education is making it easy to Study In Germany. Here are a few reasons why you should consider studying in Germany:


Cost effective

Studying in Germany is an advantage for anyone economically. Most universities have zero tuition fees. So you can continue to study in the field you’ve chosen and contribute to the society. 


 Although Germany is a country with the lowest education cost in the world, students are still offered scholarships. A German student exchange organisation called DAAD give huge scholarships to international students. 

Student discounts

If you are a student going to study in Germany, you will get costs for the “gesundheit versicherung” (health insurance), gym fees, bus/train pass, food, etc. This helps students save up a lot of money. 

Travelling anywhere in Europe

The student visa in Germany has this bonus which is loved by all. You can visit 27 countries other than the UK on your student visa during your time in Germany. To top that up, the cost of travel is also very cheap there. 

Safe and peaceful environment

The environment in Germany is very calm. There are no political riots or such issues that might harm the international students. There is a rule that if you make noise after 10 pm, the people can sue you. 

Quality of education

 The professors in German universities are professionally trained in the subjects they teach. Most of them are from the industry who will give you practical knowledge about the subject you have chosen. 

Great job opportunities

In order for a student to meet the living expenses, students prefer working part time. However, it is easy for EU students to get jobs. There are a few limitations like getting a work permit and working 190 full days or 240 half days per year for a non-EU student. This still does not affect the employment rate among people as Germany is a well-developed country with a good economy. 


It is always advised to learn German as a language in order to be able to get better job opportunities there. If you are a fan of studying abroad but still want to keep your expenditures at a budget, Germany is the best place for you. At Navigus, we help you in making your dream of studying abroad come true.

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