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Published on April 27, 2016 | Interviews
It’s a Wrap! A Peek Into Our Delightful Interview Series

Following the Delhi Edition of our Interview Series, we were overwhelmed by the turnout and response we got in our Bangalore Edition that we wrapped up on 25thApril 2016.
The professionals we met came from diverse fields of work and culture. While it was easier for a few of them to get onto their career paths, most of them did have trouble finding a career they genuinely liked. They had to go the “Trial and Error” way to reach where they are now. Some of them still think they are playing a gamble with the choices they are making.

However, we discovered that all of their stories echo the problems ingrained in our society: inadequate information on the numerous career options, groundless suggestions that come purely from people’s personal experiences, career trends that have long been established and counselors who limit their assessment to only a handful of parameters which makes human counseling inaccurate.

Here are some of the interesting highlights from our Bangalore edition.

On Choosing Engineering

“I chose engineering because I didn’t want to take up medical.” – Roseline, UI/UX Designer

On Counselors


“Just based on a questionnaire and a little discussion, it is just not convincing that this is the career path you need to take up.” – Esha, Business Analyst

On Peers and Rat Race

“People do education first and then they try to justify their education but it should be the other way around.” – Hitesh, MS Applicant

On Years Wasted

“You can imagine, six years plus four years. It’s ten years. Frankly speaking, this is the tenth year in which I came to know what exactly makes me happy.” – Shilpa, Entrepreneur
Thank you to every one of the professionals who took the time out of their lives to share their career stories with us. We sincerely hope it will inspire and guide students in steering clear of wrong choices. Stay tuned for the full interviews.

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