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Published on May 21, 2016 | Uncategorized
AI Is Here To Stay, And Change Every Industry For The Better

When was the last time you sat through a day without reading or hearing anything about artificial intelligence? Regardless of your interests and industry, chances are that AI has begun working its magic in that field already. Tech giants Google, Apple, Tesla, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM investing heavily in AI reinforces the fact that it is the future not just of computing, but of everything. Here are 5 industries, big and small, that are set to be revolutionised by AI.


Medical error remains the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States alone. Source: BMJ. is a countermeasure that aims to accurately interpret radiology reports and increase efficiency of diagnosis. By feeding images and reports of healthy and infected tissues, the system will be taught to tell the difference on its own, being correct 85% of the time.


This is indeed a need of the hour, especially with more people, organizations and nations depending on the internet and automation of most tasks. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has devised an AI system it calls AI2. This system is trained to prevent cyberattacks 85% of the time, as well as reduce false positives by a factor of 5. Watch video

Education and Career

As almost 98% students switch their course or career at least once and waste prime years of their lives, we believe that is as important a problem to be addressed as global warming itself. In a mission to bridge the mismatch between education and motivation, we at Navigus too have envisioned a solution that leverages artificial intelligence and neural networks. This system will identify a student’s innate skills and interests using explicit facts and implicit deductions, and suggest course, college and career path that is ideal and tailored to that student.


Not only Google, but also Facebook, Pinterest and many other sites have already begun experimenting with AI; an intelligent algorithm that over time, learnt your preferences possibly better than you. This way, they are able to display results that we expected to see, not just what we asked to see. They fill the inevitable void formed when we try to convey thoughts using words. That’s how these sites seem to just get us.


Technology has made it easy for people to capture photographs in abundance. Now it also helps them filter out the dross. Picturesque is a photo selection tool that will intelligently group photos based on similarity, and also suggests the aesthetic ones. It might seem like something one can do without, but the time spent in sifting through all those photographs can now be spent on creating more works of art.
AI has opened up new paths of careers and specialisations like no other. Except that these careers are very different from the standard once that students have flocked toward all these years. It might just be the shift towards these unorthodox paths that instills fear in people. Automation is definitely bound to take some jobs away from humans, but then, there will be new multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary jobs that will require human involvement. Google’s AI brain being trained to write romance novels is no threat to a skilled writer because there is no one way to write a romance novel.

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