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Published on January 22, 2021 | Uncategorized
7 Tips To Convince Your Parents For Study Abroad


Indians take up their academics very seriously. The playing out only for an hour starts making sense as we grow older. However, convincing our parents for study abroad can make or break situations. Although convincing an Indian parent can be a pain sometimes, it is never too bad or late to try.

Do your research

This step of course comes after you pray that they allow you. Do an extensive research about the universities you have shortlisted. Try and know each and every advantage and disadvantage of the same and the subjects you are planning to choose. There is no going back once you choose your major and the country you are planning to go

Academic advantages

Studying abroad opens doors to different teaching styles, better socialising skills, a global outlook towards life and better job opportunities if you come back to India post your college. 

Work on a financial plan

Being one of the most important steps which will also be the biggest concern for your parents. It is always best to be able to use your potential to secure a scholarship for study abroad. Look into other financial aids as well and make a budget plan for the same.

Show them that you’re serious

It is always good to work hard and then introduce the idea for study abroad so that it can help keep your parents convinced. 

Introduce them to someone who has or studies abroad

Being one of the most old school ways, this is one of the most successful ways to convince your parents. Making them meet your friends, or relatives who have studied abroad will give them an idea about the life, expenses and safety in a foreign land. People currently studying abroad will give you a better picture of the same as you’ll know what the current scenario of the place and the people there is like. 

 Emphasise on the career advantages

Studying abroad usually keeps you ahead of the others in the line of having a good career graph. You’ll get hired quickly with a higher salary. This is due to the unique ways of academic administration that foreign colleges provide that help an individual pick up various skills and mindsets that are beneficial for the corporate world. 

Assure them about your safety

This is one of the biggest concerns for every parent- how safe is a place away from home for their child. If you are seriously considering wanting to study abroad, make sure you know about the country and how safe it is and assure them your personal safety as well. 

Studying abroad is not only a matter of pride but also helps you build up skills you would have never thought of incurring. Follow these steps and you’ll be planning on your college admissions in no time.


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