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Published on April 10, 2016 | Education News| Engineering| University
India’s first MHRD Ranking Of Colleges And Universities Not Neutral


MHRD Higher Education Department released the first ever ranking of educational institutions in India. Institutions in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy and Universities were categorized under the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) which evaluates institutions based on five criteria; Teaching, Learning and Resources (TLR), Research and Professional Practice (RPC), Graduation Outcomes (GO), Outreach and Inclusivity (OI) and Perception. According to MHRD, the top three positions in engineering colleges, universities and management institutes are as follows.

Top Universities:
Rank 1 – Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Rank 2 – Institute of Chemical Technology
Rank 3 – Jawaharlal Nehru University

First nationally accredited ranking, a disappointment

As it is the very first nationally accredited ranking, it came as a disappointment to many colleges and universities that have always been celebrated. This might not change anything for them, but it was surprising to see that in the Engineering category the 1st ten places were reserved for IIT’s. Even some of the relatively new IIT’s had made their way into the top 10, while some reputed and obvious colleges like NIT Trichy had not.


It is also questionable that BITS Pilani and IIIT Hyderabad were conveniently sidetracked from competing with the IIT’s as they were considered as Universities, not colleges. However, the question arises that though BITS Pilani is a Deemed University, the Engineering Department should have been considered for a rank among Engineering colleges.

Top Engineering Institutes:
Rank 1 – IIT Madras
Rank 2 – IIT Bombay
Rank 3 – IIT Kharagpur

Reputed colleges didn’t make it to the top

Delhi College of Technology not making it even to the top 100 is another shocking news. What’s worse, NIT Delhi, which is a relatively new institution had been included. But above all that, IIM Ahmedabad has always had a reputation for being the best B-School in India. But it has been placed second in the Management category to IIM Bangalore. Again, according to the NIRF report by MHRD, IIM Ahmedabad had lost to IIM Bangalore in only one criteria; perception. That is how powerful a role perception plays in our decision-making.

Not all colleges are funded equally

Although there is another question of funding, which is quite important for some colleges to produce results, it has been pointed out that the IIT’s receive more funding than colleges like Punjab University. And universities and colleges in Pune boycotted the ranking by not submitting the data required, stating reasons like lack of clarity in the application. Among academicians, this is a huge shock because it is not for nothing that Pune is termed as the Oxford of the East.

Top Management Institutes:
Rank 1 – IIM Bengaluru
Rank 2 – IIM Ahmedabad
Rank 3 – IIM Calcutta

Such rankings are important for educational institutions as they are judged by parents and students based on these rankings. But it is not fair that these authoritative rankings too are not completely neutral. Parents and students will need a more comprehensive, and more importantly, an unbiased rating of colleges and universities. And what better way to get that information than from current students with the first-hand experience? That is what we at Navigus are onto. Subscribe and stay tuned as we are launching soon.

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