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Right Advice in choosing the career
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Published on February 19, 2016 | Choosing a Career| Engineering
Are You Taking The Right Advice In Choosing A Career?

Our series of posts continues on why choosing the right college and course is the first step towards building a great career. From our last two posts, we got some interesting responses from students, parents, and teachers, sharing their problems and experiences in selecting a college that’s best for their children. In this post, I am highlighting those very concerns that we got from our readers.

Lack of reliable assistance in guiding the students

Deciding upon a college & course is the most defining part of your life and your entire career depends on this one decision. Parents become equally anxious and believe that choosing a college/course is an adult decision, which students are not mature enough to take. They talk to their counterparts, or analyze which course has greater job opportunities, or seek career counselor’s advice etc. to make sure they choose the best career for their children. However, all these methodologies of choosing a career are vague (not driven by logic or data) and mostly based on biased opinions.

According to a survey by Career Change Challenge, “98% of professionals are currently in occupations entirely different from what they had planned when they were 18 years old.”

Career counseling these days have commercialized and counselors out there usually recommend those colleges that pay higher commission to them. Though parents want to seek guidance from counselors, they are not trustworthy enough with the information that they provide. 

Difference in Opinions in choosing the career

Parents feel a huge responsibility of helping their children selecting a career that they feel is secure. Understandably, they want to play safe, where their child will have higher chances of getting a job and a secure future.

Take this scenario for instance: In a National Institute of Engineering in India, a computer science engineering graduate has 46% higher chances of getting a job than a civil engineer. Parents would naturally want their children to pursue computer science engineering so that they get jobs immediately without much effort.

However, this approach doesn’t go very well with children who have their own aspirations and career preferences. A student may be inclined to learn about 3D design or architecture and want to pursue a career in that stream. Students feel pressured by parents when they want their children to pursue something they are not interested in. This results in a conflict of interest between parents & children and they usually end up compromising on a career which could possibly be the best fit but ends up in being sub par in the eyes of both parents and students.

Are you taking the right advice in choosing a career

For life building decisions such as this, there needs to be a system which has a holistic comprehension of students inclinations and can draw logical and data guided correlations with various courses and colleges. Navigus targets to solve the root cause of the problem by accurately identifying individual student interest and offer unique and personalized advice for your career. It takes input from students through different means and works on in-depth data with millions of data points collected from colleges/universities across the nation. It leaves no room for biased opinions, recommendations based on incomplete or inaccurate data or profit driven admission brokers.

Need an Online Mentor ?

Let Navigus help you in navigating your path towards a successful career. Why survive, when you can reign?



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