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Published on April 25, 2016 | career counseling
If You Are A Student Thinking Of Getting Career Counseling, Do Think Again

Indian students have had their set ways when it comes to choosing a career. We rely more on the intuition of others than our own. We provide others with more power over our most important decisions. And we are easily influenced by glamorous outcomes rather than the process which one has to go through to get there. We turn to career counseling, be it from professional counselors or from parents and relatives without thinking for a moment, what knowledge they have on the current advancements and specializations in emerging fields. Only that could explain the ghastly results of surveys from Aspiring Minds, Economic Times and many more organizations.
30 Million students applying for professional courses; 5 Million enroll for engineering
Only 1.5 Million graduate successfully
There is unemployment as well as underemployment in India. We produce the world’s 2nd largest engineering workforce but struggle to meet demands, not in terms of quantity, but quality. So how is the counseling they get leading them down wrong career paths? On what basis were they counseled? How informed were the counselors? Here is a list of major flaws of the current career counseling system in India.

People who offer career counseling are not up to date with the advancements and specializations in emerging fields

They can’t help it. FastCompany calls this age “The learning decade” as it would soon become impossible to build a new knowledge structure without having spent at least 40 years in a field. With new information and breakthroughs piling up in petabytes by the day, it is not possible for humans to consume and process all of it at the same pace.

The number of choices they put forth is not even a glimpse of the big picture

It does not do justice to the choice if only a handful of options are considered. Only a handful of career options are given to students to choose one from. Though the intentions of parents are strictly honorable, they try to limit their kid’s experience to their own. Citing reasons like stability, they encourage children to follow norms instead of challenging them. Ironically, that will lead to an unstable career, because it is not what the future entails. Career decisions should not be tilted by the personal experiences of anyone because experiences are singular to a person and time. They can never be applied to another.

The facts about colleges are not from people with first-hand experience

Any detail that students base their college decisions on should be from sources with first-hand experience of the college, They should not only be verified for correctness, but also periodically audited for relevance. Else, it would all account to assumptions and not data.

The suggestions are not tailored to suit the concerned student

Like in military where they train kindness right out of you, in the education sector, they rule out individuality. Same set of standard psychometric questions to evaluate every student; same set of limited options given to every student; every student is treated to the same scrutiny process. It is a lost cause to try and classify 5 billion students into 5 buckets. The parameters that are considered are very limed and subjective to each individual, but the suggestions are not. Every student is an encompassment of a million parameters, and the deductions are accurate only when most if not all of them are analyzed. Is it not human to do more and better when it is something we care about? when students are encouraged to pick a career path that is harmonious with who they are as an individual, that would drive them.

Counselors are vulnerable to mindset, stress, human-error and profit

On two different days, 2 students with the same aptitude and interests could be deduced fit for two different courses. Here too, human-error comes into play, along with stress, monotony and personal bias.
Probably the toughest thing about careers is that if you regret having taken one, you’d be left with two equally difficult options; quit and start at the bottom rung again, or continue doing something you detest.
If you are a student who is on the verge of making a career choice, now is probably the best time to silence the groundless suggestions of others, and identify a career path that is synchronous with who you are as an individual. Navigus is a fully automated, artificial intelligence platform that serves verified information to make your course, college and career decisions easier and more accurate. Talk to us today about how technology can help you identify a future-proof career path that plays to your strengths.

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