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Published on September 8, 2017 | Education News| Interviews
[PART-1] Whirlwind in the Wellness and Nutrition Industry, with Mr. Akshay Pai, Founder & CEO, Nutrova


We take our health for granted. Period.

No matter how old we are, we are still young and constantly chasing our dreams. Imagine a young dreamer, residing in a metro city having a plush job at a renowned multinational company. His day starts with a rush to a dull prospect of a “routine” sedentary work life, eating junk on the go (after all he survived on those quick 2-minute noodles back in college!). Followed by that is a 9-5 work hour shift and later cracking open a couple of beers with friends and colleagues in the evening, which is an activity many deem as ‘unwinding’. As much as this sounds mundane, what we fail to see is the long lasting effect on our health. We aspire for a good lifestyle, bigger homes, a cool 4 wheel ride and a happy well-fed family. Also, aspiring for a good health is on that list, but we do very little to sustain that!


Do you know one out of four Indians is at risk of dying from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular ailments or cancer before the age of 70?

wellness and nutrition

This roughly comes out to be around 5.8 million!

Join us in this two-part series where we gain insights from Mr. Akshay Pai, Founder & CEO of Nutrova, on the importance of nutrition in people’s lives, the current scenario of the industry in India, future market trends and various career opportunities one can explore in this field. In Part 1, we discuss how unhealthy lifestyle has taken a toll on people’s lives, the motivation behind starting Nutrova and challenges one has to face while starting out in the nutrition and wellness industry.

“The largest economic burden in healthcare today is due to the increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases.” says Mr. Akshay Pai, Founder & CEO of Nutrova, a nutraceutical company that develops innovative, evidence-based products in the field of Nutrition Starting with products that cater to urban 25-40 year old consumers audiences, Nutrova also has a long term vision to address larger issues of malnutrition in all its forms.

Akshay Pai is an Engineering Graduate in Biotechnology from Anna University, who later also pursued MBA in Finance from Indian school of Business. After spending few years in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, Akshay also was passionate about research and development which led him to understand the science behind how body functions when devoid of certain essentials nutrients and how small changes in lifestyle and eating habits can bring about a tremendous change. That led him to start his own venture that brings a fresh scientifically backed innovation in nutrition and health.

If you look at the global burden of disease, most of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality are influenced by nutrition. On one end of the spectrum, malnutrition, or the lack of sufficient nutrients, affects the development of children, which can lead to complications. At the other end, over consumption of nutrients have been linked to obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease – all of which are increasing at alarming pace globally.


On a broader level, Mr. Akshay Pai comes with a deep sense of understanding of nutritive supplement products and the influx of a variety of fads that hit the market.

wellness and nutrition

There are a lot of health products in the market which promise you magical results, but when factored in, their long term benefit is not what they preach. The success lies in the way they are marketed, that prey on gullible people fairly motivated towards fitness, persuading them to buy these products.

Prevention is better than cure

If you look at the leading causes of death globally, whether it is malnutrition from a starvation point of view or malnutrition from an over-nutrition point of view; as Akshay says, the right nutrition plays a dramatic role. This is where preventive health care comes into place. Alternatively known as prophylaxis, it consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment.

“Working in the diagnostic space, I was exposed to the important role that early diagnosis can play in improving outcomes of a particular disease. Taking this a step further, we could potentially improve outcomes even more by proactively preventing things from going wrong, by taking charge of our nutrition.”

What motivated me to start Nutrova was the fact that given the right information, most people tend to make right decisions about nutrition.

Challenges in Wellness and Nutrition market space – Building credibility & Awareness backed by research.

“Getting the word out in this already-cluttered space is a big challenge,” says Mr. Pai.

Another issue is the fact that nutrition-based interventions take weeks to months to take effect, rather than the immediate results we’ve all come to expect

Credibility becomes a huge factor! This can only be achieved by communicating objectively with the consumers and presenting data in a simpler form. But, there is a sizeable consumer base that is actively searching for effective, evidence based products that value quality. And that’s the market Nutrova is trying to address.

Coming up in Part 2: In part 2, we’ll be looking at the future trends in the Wellness and Nutrition space, various career opportunities in this field  and few nutrition tips by Mr. Akshay Pai for ensuring a better lifestyle.

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