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What to do after 12th?

Published on February 20, 2020 | Uncategorized
What to do after 12th? | Expert’s Advice 2020


This is that one question which is out of your syllabus but still worries you, gives you chills, might even make you feel directionless. 

Such is the aura of this 5-word question ‘What to do after 12th?‘ 

Many blogs/articles have been written on what to do after 12th, but very few have a practical approach towards guiding students. Many blogs even ignore the fact that Indian parents play an influencing role while making this career choice. 

Which Subject(s) keep you Engaged?

We have been regularly guiding 1000+ students from different states of India. In this process, we found that many students tend to make their career decisions purely based on what is trending in the job market or which is currently the highest paying job/industry. 

We all need to understand that trends in any industry change every 2-5 years. We have seen students who were extremely good at Math & Statistics, were above average in Analytical & Logical Reasoning but opted for Science after 10th as 5 years back the trending career options were in the Medical & Engineering fields. 

However, the trend changed in mid-2018 – the commerce & data industry attracted more rewarding job options than science. 

So how to Choose a Stream? 

The answer to this question is not that straightforward but can get us closer to one if we try to dig deep into our interests. The subjects which keep you engaged in your school days should be one of the bases on which you choose your stream. For example, a natural interest in a subject like math is a good indicator that you should have specialized fields in commerce as a choice. Further digging into your inclination to other subjects, your performance and an understanding of fundamentals should get you closer.  

It is not as difficult to choose a stream after 12th as we think it to be. This decision is just a combination of multiple factors like interests & dislikes. We tend to ignore such indicators and delude ourselves into the ‘future scope‘ of streams & careers recommended by our peers, friends, family, and relatives. 

Extracurriculars & Soft skills

That being said one more major indicator which many of us ignore is the extracurriculars. Extracurriculars are mostly out of the syllabus activities which students themselves get involved in – can be sports, arts, social service, organizing – managing school events, elocutions & debate, etc. It speaks volumes about a student’s personality – how does he/she acts during stressful situations, how they handle crowds, ability to get things done. We have noticed that students who take part in more than 4 extracurriculars every year, tend to develop good soft skills. Such students are active in terms of socializing, making connections & improving general knowledge. 

These soft skills are very important for your career and need to be developed gradually throughout your school & college tenure. 

I want to become a…

A piece of strong advice we give students is to choose your stream/career primarily considering the above two indicators. Most of our guidance time is spent on students who are very firm on becoming a doctor, data analyst, lawyer or careers which offer higher pay but when the same set of students go through our tests & analysis systems (data science-backed automation and subjective models built through human expertise) – for most of them the results speak a different story. 

We at Navigus, use data science, natural language processing, simultaneously backed by expert professionals’ knowledge from a large number of fields and mentor students to make sure they are on the right path. 

We always advise students and parents to take expert mentoring and guidance while making such life-changing decisions. Experts who are updated with current & upcoming trends can rightly mentor you. 

Wish to get guided by our team of professionals? You can reach out to us at or

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  1. I am a Btech 1st year student, I am really confused if this course is meant for me or not.
    I want to take up the test.
    Is it a charged test ?

  2. Hello Navigus, I am Dimple and i have just got done with my 12th standard boards. I am really confused and stressed as I have not yet appeared for any kind of competitive examinations. I really need your help to know what can I do right now as all dates for registration have passed. Please revert back. Thank you.

    1. Hey Dimple!
      Don’t worry! We’ll figure it out together.

      Please share us your contact details and also could you please write us your query via mail. (

      Team Navigus.

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