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Published on June 21, 2016 | Choosing a Career| Education News| Interviews
What You Wish You Knew Before Choosing Your Career: Episode 2

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We’re back with the Second Episode of our video series, aimed at helping the school students of 11th and 12th standards make better career choices. We talked to professionals about the career path they started out with and the disconnect that arose. Here’s the video compilation of what they said.

A lot of times, even if you have long decided on the career of your choice and get admitted to the undergraduate programme of your choice, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. The following are the reasons that can lead one to change the career they had initially planned.

  • Limited knowledge on the course curriculum before opting the field
  • People actually interested in specialization generally get trapped in the vastness a general field branch offers
  • The disconnect between what is taught in college and the practical application aspects of the job often leaves one clueless and takes some effort to adapt
  • Lack of opportunities in the workplace and no prior foresight of the same usually results in lack of preparation for the situation and hence, demotivation to continue
According to a survey by Career Change Challenge, “98% of people surveyed claim to be working in the occupation different from the one they had planned when they were 18 Years old.

Once you start running out of reasons to stay in your career even after evaluating a job switch, you start considering a career switch. Career switch, however,  is not an easy nut to crack. Following are the flip sides of a career switch.

  • Time and resources spent on building the first career goes down the drain.
  • The new career would require you to start from the scratch and moving up the career ladder would take some good time.
  • The career you are planning to switch to, might require a qualification or a few certifications to kick start it.
  • There are a lot of inhibitions, lack of confidence and fears when changing careers and this could play a significant role at times.
  • Once you are ready to step into a new career, you’ll have to deal with lack of opportunities and employers’ reluctance in hiring you.
  • A person’s productivity keeps decreasing with age.
  • Even if you cross all the hurdles and launch a new career, there is no guarantee that it would be ideal for you.

Career switch becomes a necessary step once you’re down a path you don’t feel inspired in but it can be avoided if you’re being careful in choosing your career initially.

Stay Tuned to our Blog for the next episode where we talk about how helpful professional career counselling is in guiding a student towards his ideal career.

Did you switch your career or considered doing it? How hard/easy has it been for you? Comment and let us know.

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